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Flyback Transformer(High Frequency Transformers)

EDR High Frequency Transformer Mn-Zn PC95 Ferrite Core EDR2609 240V AC 12V AC Small High Voltage Transformer1.working frequency:100KHz
2.output power:10to 20 W
3.operating temperature:-40℃ to +125℃
4.storage temperature:-25℃ to +85℃...

Ⅰ.EDR high frequency transformer size(unit:mm)


Ⅱ. EDR2609 high frequency transformer performance

1.working frequency:100KHz

2.output power:10to 20 W

3.operating temperature:-40℃ to +125℃

4.storage temperature:-25℃ to +85℃

5.Store humidity:30 to 95%


Ⅲ. EDR2609 high frequency transformer feature

The characteristics of EDR2609 high frequency transformer is: 

With small volume, convenient installation, low temperature rise, form a complete set of core optional PC40, PC44 materials

100% material checking before tansformer production.


Ⅳ.EDR2609 high frequency transformer use

EDR2609 high frequency transformer used in PC power supply, LLC, a power supply, communication power supply, industrial inverter, UPS power supply transformer etc.

Ⅴ. EDR2609 high frequency transformer price

EDR2609 high frequency transformer’s price is from RMB 2.5-4.5.The price is mainly depends on the complexity process of the product, customer demand for raw materials and the safety certificate etc.

We can also ship according to customers' requests


Customized Design

With our UL registered Insulation system,HangTung has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of transformers.

Transformer Application

Now HangTung transformer are widely served in Medical,Aerospace&Military,Automative,

telecommunications and power supplies.


Since 1987, Hangtung Electronic has been committed to offer customers the best quality edr series high frequency transformer mn-zn pc95 ferrite core edr2609 240v ac 12v ac transformer small high voltage transformer and is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Having been constantly introduced advanced equipment and professionals, we can assure you the high quality of our products. Please rest assured to buy discount and cheap products from our factory.

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