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Cause of transformer is making an abnormal sound

May 08, 2017

(1) heavy overload will make transformers inside the heavy ' buzz "sound. 

(2) due to an internal connection is bad or there is breakdown, electrical discharge will make transformers inside the ' Squeak "sound. 

(3) because of the transformer lid bolt or individual parts loosening and transformer cores is not clamped, causing vibration of silicon steel sheet, will send a strong noise. Core silicon steel sheet had not been clamped on both sides, also is making an abnormal sound. 

(4) when there is a ground fault or short circuit in electrical network, winding stream over a large current, will also send a strong noise. 

(5) large power equipment in transformer starting device runtime or generate harmonic currents may cause the transformer to issue '-Wah "sound. 

(6) due to the ferromagnetic resonance transformer fine fine fine issued the unusual sound. 

(7) the transformer original side voltage is too high or the imbalance is making an abnormal sound.

EI41 low frequency transformer.png