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Innovation and development of high-frequency switching power supply

Oct 26, 2017

   High-frequency switching power supply is inversely proportional to the square root of the power technology development of innovative technology, product power transformers, inductance and capacitance size and weight of the power supply frequency, that is to say when we raise the

frequency from 50Hz to 20kHz frequency when using volume weight of electrical equipment is

generally reduced to 5 ~ l0% frequency design, the main material can save 90% or more, can 

also save 30% or more. High-frequency switching power supply apparatus more compact, lower cost,

so that the switching power supply is widely used in high-tech fields.


   Due to the high-frequency switching power supply, it has far-reaching significance in saving resources, saving energy and protecting the environment. Power industry and thus become a hot research topic, today we have to discuss the high-frequency switching power supply technology

innovation and development.