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How to solve the problem of the power adapter fever in summer?

Oct 28, 2017

Power adapter heat problem, this is inevitable, usually followed by a long power adapter will heat, especially in summer, hot feeling almost exploded. So the question becomes, if the adapter is its heat loss occurs, it will not be damaged? Fever in the end is the product itself, or is a normal phenomenon?


From the power adapter itself to analysis, in fact, as long as the adapter temperature is in the range of design, it is generally not dangerous. So first we have to understand why the power adapter will heat it? Adapters available in the market, the average conversion efficiency of only about 75% -85%, while the power supply voltage during the turn, a part of the energy is lost, and the loss of part is usually in the form of heat comes out. The greater the power supply adapter, the more wear and tear, the greater the heat emitted. This is why we usually use a small power adapter heat is not great, and great power adapter hot reasons.


First, we should want to buy genuine power, first look at the nameplate, the information given on the nameplate are generally very complete, authentication information, manufacturer information will be above products, usually after product certification and professional power adapter manufacturers of power adapter They are more reliable. The second point is the brand, the brand is also very important, with which we like to buy brand buy a mobile phone is the truth is the same, although the choice of brand power adapter, power adapter his price may be higher. The third point is what I mentioned before certification, certified products after use will be permitted to circulate in the market, such as domestic CCC certification, and so on.