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Application Of High Frequency Induction Heating Machine In Cable Manufacturing

Nov 08, 2016

High frequency heating machine--full name "high frequency induction heating machine", and name high frequency induction heating equipment, and high frequency induction heating device, and high frequency heating power, and high frequency power, and high frequency welding machine, and high frequency induction heating machine, and high frequency induction heater (welding device),, it main is on metal for induction type of heating (non-contact sex of); can on metal very fast of heating, has province electric, and volume small, and installation convenient, and operation convenient, and security reliable, and heating speed fast, of advantages, application range is widely. As Internet business, 3G (3rdGeneration third-generation mobile communication technology) business and the development of multimedia applications, network traffic is growing at an exponential rate of expansion, this requires that the network must have a high bit rate data transmission capacity and throughput ability to cross.