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Characteristics And Advantages Of High-frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Nov 08, 2016

The main advantage of induction heating is: ① no overall heating workpiece deformation is small, small energy consumption. II pollution-free. ③ heat faster, lighter surface oxidation and decarburization. ④ surface hardness can be adjusted according to needs and easy to control. ⑤ heating equipment can be installed in the machine production line, easy to realize the mechanization and automation, easy to manage, and can reduce transport, saving manpower, improving production efficiency. ⑥ hardened thin layer of martensite, hardness, high strength and toughness. ⑦ surface quenching surface has great compression stress, high resistance to fatigue fracture of the workpiece. Induction heat treatment also has some disadvantages. Compared with the flame hardening, induction heating equipment is more complex, and less adapted, for certain complex shape workpiece to ensure quality.