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Filter Inductor The Inductance Hinders The Current

Sep 26, 2017

Filter Inductor The inductance hinders the current

Filter inductors are now widely used in electronic products, filter inductors have a great effect on the electronic components, then what is the filter inductor, and filter inductor what kind of role? Electronic components in one of the main components, filter inductors, we look at the following small series for everyone to introduce. The filter inductor converts the electrical energy into a magnetic energy storage element. The sensor is structured like a transformer, except that there is only one winding. The inductance of the inductor hinders the current change. If no current flows through the filter inductor, the circuit will attempt to block the current through it; the filter inductor will try to keep the current.

 Filter inductor

Filter inductor structure and characteristics of filter inductors generally by the skeleton, winding, shielding enclosures, packaging materials, magnetic inductance coil heart or core and other components.

1 support skeleton

A skeleton coil winding bracket. Some of the larger fixed inductors and adjustable inductors (such as oscillating coils, choke coils, etc.), most of the enameled wire (or use) the skeleton, and the inner core or copper core, core, etc. as the skeleton to improve Its inductance. Skeleton is usually made of plastic, bakelite, ceramic, can be made into different shapes according to actual needs.

2 windings consisting of coils

A winding is a set of coils with a specific function, which is the basic element of the inductor. Windings are single and multi-layered. Single-layer winding and winding (around the coil) and the coil winding between the winding a certain distance) two forms; multi-layer winding multi-layer flat, mess, honeycomb winding and so on.

3 core and magnet

Magnetic core and magnetic bar generally use nickel-zinc ferrite (NX series) or MnZn ferrite (MX series) and other materials, it has "work" shape, cylindrical, hat shape, "E" shape, Kind of shape. Core, core materials are mainly silicon steel, permalloy, etc., its shape mostly "E" type.

4 external shield

In order to avoid the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field, the other circuits and components in the work of the normal work, it is to increase the metal mesh cover (for example, semiconductor radio oscillation coil, etc.). With the inductance of the shield, the coil loss will increase, the value decreases.

5 package material

Some filter inductors (such as color code filter inductors, color ring filter inductors, etc.) around the system, with the packaging material coil and core, etc. sealed up. Packaging materials using plastic or epoxy resin.