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High Frequency Transformer According To Electromagnetic Induction

Sep 26, 2017

High Frequency Transformer According to electromagnetic induction

Transformers are made according to electromagnetic induction.

It consists of a silicon steel (or silicon steel) stacked on the core and around the iron on the two groups of coils, the core and the coil between each other insulation, without any electrical connection, we will transformer and power supply Side of the coil is called the primary coil (or called the original side), the transformer and electrical equipment connected to the coil is called secondary (or secondary). When the transformer primary coil connected to the AC power supply, the core will produce changes in the magnetic field lines.

As the secondary coil around the same core, the magnetic field cutting secondary coil, the secondary coil will inevitably produce induced electromotive force, so that both ends of the coil voltage. Because the magnetic field lines are alternating, the voltage of the secondary coil is also alternating. And the frequency is exactly the same as the power supply frequency.

The theory of the transformer primary and secondary coil voltage ratio and the primary coil and secondary coil turns ratio, can be expressed as follows: primary coil voltage / secondary coil voltage = primary coil turns / secondary coil turns Note that the more the number of turns, the higher the voltage.

It can be seen, the secondary coil less than the primary coil, is the step-down transformer. On the contrary is a step-up transformer.

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High-frequency transformer is the operating frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high-frequency reverse Variable power transformer. According to the working frequency level, can be divided into several grades: 10kHz ~ 50kHz, 50kHz ~ 100kHz, 100kHz ~ 500kHz, 500kHz ~ 1MHz, 1MHz or more. Transmission power is relatively large, the operating frequency is relatively low; transmission power is relatively small, the operating frequency is relatively high. In this way, both the difference in operating frequency, but also the difference between the transmission power, the operating frequency of different grades of power transformer design method is not the same, it should be self-evident.

As mentioned above, the author of the high-frequency transformer design principles, requirements and procedures do not exist the wrong concept, but in early July 2003, read the "Power Technology Application" 2003 sixth issue of special recommended two high-frequency magnetic components After the article, have doubts, feel some problems worthy of further discussion, so only write this article. As stated in the "Power Technology Application" editor's message: "Specifically analyzing the specific situation", the purpose of writing is to try to make the most difficult to elaborate and select one of the magnetic components of the high-frequency transformer design problems clear. If there is something wrong, please several authors and the majority of readers correct.

High-frequency transformer to complete the function of three: power transmission, voltage conversion and insulation isolation. There are two ways to power transmission. The first is the transmission mode of the transformer power, the voltage applied to the original winding, the magnetic flux in the magnetic core changes, so that the secondary winding induced voltage, so that the electric power from the primary side to the secondary side. In the power transmission process, the magnetic core is divided into two changes in magnetic flux and two directions to change the two modes of operation.