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High Frequency Transformer Air Ionization

Oct 10, 2017

High Frequency Transformer Air ionization

High-frequency transformer arc is the voltage exceeds the air resistance to the air ionization into a conductor that is generated arc arc will generally bypass the insulator along the surface of the insulator will cause damage to the insulator, such as the high temperature of the arc will melt the insulator Or broken. Provided on the switch that the rated short-circuit breaking current 20KA, said 20KA within the short-circuit trip contact extinguishing heat element action and other effective, more than this limit trip connector arc drive components do not guarantee, will produce arc.

But if you can not work properly, it would like to test HI-POT (may be the coil on the coil short-circuit, or coil to the core of the core), but also to test the ARCING. Short circuit.) Under normal circumstances in the production process of high-frequency transformers HI-POT and ARCING are required to be tested.

The HI-POT test is to test whether the transformer is damaged and whether the transformer meets the rated withstand voltage requirements, while the ARCING test is specifically designed for arc discharge in order to detect the presence of an arc discharge at any location in the transformer. Transformer life shortened. General high-frequency transformer ARCING test level are set to 6, that is 5.5mA. High-frequency transformer is the frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency Switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter power supply and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high-frequency inverter power transformer. Why do high-frequency transformers lead out with lead?

With their own pin power plant plug-in will be convenient, but the bad place has the following three: First, the output current is large, secondary diameter rough, if the trap with their own easy to twist, solder short circuit, solder After the easy higher than the skeleton fulcrum; Second, the difficulty of the column will increase; Third, the secondary and the creepage distance between the core is not enough, need to add additional insulation measures;

Do lead leads are generally secondary, in order to increase the safety distance between the primary, if the direct foot, the first time is difficult to meet the high pressure requirements!

From the operation point of view, so easy to do some of the fly line!

In the development of products, in order to achieve the small size or low, in order to save space, the transformer can not use a larger volume or skeleton to meet the requirements of safety products, due to space and skeleton of their own restrictions, security is allowed Do fly line lengthen distance to meet the safety distance requirements.