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High Frequency Transformer By Frequency Range

Aug 10, 2017

High Frequency Transformer By frequency range

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High-frequency transformer is the most important component of the switching power supply, switching power supply is usually selected half-bridge power conversion circuit, the operation of the two switching transistor turns to 100kHz high frequency pulse wave, and then through the high-frequency transformer for buck, Output low-voltage alternating current, high-frequency transformer winding coil turns the number of turns is the number of output voltage.

 Three typical high-frequency transformers in the typical half-bridge transformer circuit: main transformers, drive transformers and auxiliary transformers (standby transformers). Each transformer has its own specification in the national regulations, such as the main transformer Power in the 200W or more power, core diameter (height) minimum 35mm and auxiliary transformer, power supply does not exceed 300W when the core diameter to 16mm on it.

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 High-frequency transformer is the operating frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high-frequency reverse Variable power transformer. According to its operating frequency, we will be divided into the following high-frequency transformers:

One, divided by frequency range

 1. kHz high-frequency transformer, it refers to the operating frequency of 20kHz to several hundred kHz high-frequency transformer;

 2. MHz high-frequency transformer, it refers to the operating frequency of 1MHz above the high-frequency transformer.

 Second, according to the work band is divided into

 1. Single frequency or narrow frequency high frequency transformer, it refers to the operating frequency of a single frequency or a very narrow frequency band, such as converter transformers, oscillator transformers;

 2. Broadband transformer, it refers to work in a wide frequency range of transformers, such as impedance converter transformers, communications transformers, broadband power amplifier transformers and so on.

 High-frequency transformer transmission power is relatively large, the power devices generally use IGBT, IGBT due to the existence of off-current phenomenon, so the operating frequency is relatively low; transmission power is relatively small a, you can use MOSFET, the operating frequency is relatively high.