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High Frequency Transformer High Operating Frequency

Jun 21, 2017

High Frequency Transformer High operating frequency

Accurate definition, is the high frequency of electronic transformers, the general operating frequency is higher than 20kHz, is the high frequency.

The definition of high-frequency electronic transformers is very clear, but some of the experts published by some of the views of misleading. The following in order to also the original high-frequency electronic transformers, it is necessary to understand the transformer, electronic transformers, high-frequency electronic transformer concept in order to eliminate those misunderstandings?

First, what is the transformer? Electromagnetic induction principle of the work of the transformer, refers to the winding winding in the coil plus alternating voltage, resulting in alternating magnetic flux, in the secondary winding induced output voltage, which play the transmission energy, conversion voltage (or signal), electrical insulation The role of isolation.

To produce electromagnetic induction, the primary winding must be added to the alternating voltage, there can be no DC voltage for the work of the power transformer. The kind of DC voltage for the work of power to say, is the DC variable AC inverter, or variable frequency power supply included in the transformer within a range of misunderstanding.

As long as there is electromagnetic induction, the transformer can work, not necessarily have a core, for example, the working frequency of the MHz level of electronic transformers, is made of printed circuit board hollow transformer. The kind of high-frequency electronic transformer is said to be "used in a frequency conversion circuit in the magnetic transformer device" argument, belonging to both the frequency conversion circuit included in the transformer range, and that the transformer must have a double misunderstanding of the core.

Transformers regardless of the operating frequency level, are through the electromagnetic induction to transmit energy. The size of the transmission energy, and the transformer used by the material, structure, size and operating frequency. If the energy transmitted is constant, the operating frequency is high, the number of times the energy is transmitted in a certain period of time, the energy of each transmission can be less, the transformer with less material, the structure size is small. That the transformer transmission energy is limited, to use high frequency to increase the transmission of energy, is a misunderstanding of the cart before the horse. Pulse width modulation (PWM) way to change the transformer transmission energy and voltage size, but an external control method, not only high-frequency transformers can be used, low-frequency transformers can also be used. The kind of that there are PWM control, high-frequency transformers and low-frequency transformer transmission energy is different, high-frequency transformers and low-frequency transformers to change the way the voltage difference is also a misunderstanding.

Secondly, what is the electronic transformer? Electronic transformers are transformers used in electronic circuits and electronic equipment. If the scope of the expansion of some, including all electronic circuits and electronic equipment used in transformers, inductors, transformers and other electromagnetic components. Electronic is not limited to power electronics (the more general term is power electronics), but also includes industrial electronics, information electronics, wireless electronics and microelectronics, although the electronic transformer is different from the power transformer, but not different from the RF signal transformer, not only Limited to "power transformers in switching power converter circuits". Power transformers are just one of the electronic transformers. If the electronic transformer only to see the success rate of the transformer, will inevitably be painted for the prison. Therefore, the electronic is limited to power electronics, the electronic transformer is limited to the power transformer is a misunderstanding.