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High Frequency Transformer Output Current Is Large

Aug 25, 2017

High Frequency Transformer Output current is large

High-frequency transformer is the operating frequency of more than IF (10kHz) power transformer, mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply for high-frequency switching power supply transformers, but also for high-frequency inverter and high-frequency inverter welding machine for high-frequency reverse Variable power transformer. Why do high-frequency transformers lead out with lead?

With their own pin power plant plug-in will be convenient, but the bad place has the following three: First, the output current is large, secondary diameter rough, if the trap with their own easy to twist, solder short circuit, solder After the easy higher than the skeleton fulcrum; Second, the board will increase the difficulty; Third, the secondary and the creepage distance between the core is not enough, need to add additional insulation measures;

Do lead leads are generally secondary, in order to increase the safety distance between the primary, if the direct foot, the first time is difficult to meet the high pressure requirements!

From the operation point of view, so easy to do some of the fly line!

In the development of products, in order to achieve the small size or low, in order to save space, the transformer can not use a larger volume or skeleton to meet the requirements of safety products, due to space and skeleton of their own restrictions, Do fly line lengthen distance to meet the safety distance requirements. Electronic transformer working principle / high frequency transformer working principle

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Electronic transformer, with the mains of the alternating voltage into DC and then through the semiconductor switching devices and electronic components and high-frequency transformer winding to form a high-frequency AC voltage output of electronic devices, but also in the electronic theory of a Intersection orthogonal inverter circuit. In short, it is mainly composed of high-frequency transformer core (core) and two or more coils, they do not change the location, from one or more of the electrical circuit, through the exchange of electricity by electricity Magnetic induction, into the AC voltage and current. And in the output of the high-frequency transformer, for one or more of the electricity circuit, the supply of different voltage levels of high-frequency AC or DC.