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High Frequency Transformer Production Process

Jul 01, 2017

High Frequency Transformer Production process

High frequency transformer production process steps

High-frequency transformer is an important part of electrical and electronic products, winding process complex, the production of the workers need to have a comprehensive understanding of high-frequency transformers, and then division of labor, the implementation of their duties, In order to ensure the quality of high-frequency transformer products. Here for everyone to briefly introduce high-frequency transformer winding process.

A winding

1. Material confirmation

1.1 Confirmation of BOBBIN specifications.

1.2 do not have to be cut off the PIN, should not be cut before the first cut off to prevent the cut off the line and then cut off the WIRE or cut the wrong foot, and can avoid winding when the wrong feet.

1.3 Confirm BOBBIN integrity: no damage and cracks.

1.4 BOBBIN correctly inserted into the fixture, the general special mark for the 1 foot (bevel for the PIN 1), if the surface is not marked, then a foot toward the machine.

1.5 must be coated with acetic acid cloth in accordance with the drawings required to wrap, close to both sides of BOBBIN, and then in the designated PIN on the first line (or the first hook line) after the start winding, in principle, should be within the specified range of winding Winding

2. Winding method

According to the different requirements of the transformer, winding can be roughly divided into the following several

2.1 layer of close: the wiring only a layer, close line and the line between the gap. Neat winding.

2.2 Equal winding: Winding at equal intervals in the winding range; Interval error within 20%

2.3 multi-layer close: in a winding layer can not be around, must be around the second or more than two

A. Arbitrary: to a certain extent neatly arranged to reach the top, the wiring has been messy, was uneven situation, which is the most rough winding winding method.

B. The whole column is close: almost all of the wiring is neatly arranged, but there are a number of wiring messy (about 30% of the total, the number of laps less about 5% REF). C. Completely closed the whole: The upper is not messy, winding is very neatly arranged, this is the most difficult winding method of winding.

2.4 positioning winding: wiring specified in a fixed position

2.5 and around: two or more WIRE parallel to the same line at the same time, each parallel to the round, not cross.

3. Note:

3.1 When the START and end (FINISH) access lines are on the same side of the BOBBIN, the end of the end line should be affixed with a crossed tape (CROSSOVER TAPE) for isolation.

3.2 entry and exit line in the use of BOBBIN groove outlet, in principle, a line of a groove out of the way, if the same group of multiple groups can use the same groove or adjacent groove outlet, only in the solder and casing Take care to avoid short circuits.

3.3 winding to be uniform and neat around the BOBBIN winding area for the principle, in addition to the engineering surface with special provisions around the law, then the picture shall prevail.

3.4 Transformer with Teflon sleeve and a turnback line, the entry and exit line with Teflon sleeve to be flush with the BOBBIN groove (or at least 2/3 high), and from the BOBBIN groove outlet to prevent Casing is too long to cause tension to break the thread. However, if the L PIN is wrapped horizontally, the sleeve should be flush with the BOBBIN edge (or at least 2/3 long).

3.5 transformer to be used as a wall of plastic tape, the file wall tape must be close to both sides of the model.In order to avoid the line pack and the impact of leakage is too high, it requires more than 2TS acetate cloth overlap can not exceed 5mm, Circle of the acetate cloth only need to package 0.9T, leaving the gap in order to facilitate the good water into the bottom of the water. Acetate cloth width selection and transformer safety requirements, VED around ACT width 3.2mm package on both sides and must be added TUBE. : PIN 6mm / 4.8mm / 4.4mm / 4mm; TOP 3mm / 2.4mm / 2.2mm / 2mm do not need TUBE. Wires when the wire can not be on the wall, if the casing, casing must reach the file Wall 3mm above.

4. Lead method:

4.1 fly wire lead

4.1.1 Lead length, length length according to the requirements of the program to control, such as stranded, the length should be reserved for 10%.

4.1.2 casing to be deeper than the wall 3mm.