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Induction Heating Than Traditional Heating Methods With The Characteristics And Advantages

Nov 08, 2016

It than traditional heating way (tubes high frequency machine gas, and gas furnace, and furnace, and coking coal) energy-saving 3/4, and security no high pressure shock dangerous, can 24 hours continuous work, no fire, more meet fire Security Ordinance; heating fast: most fast heating speed not to 1 seconds, (speed speed can regulation control) heating wide: can heating variety of metal artifacts (according to artifacts shape different replaced can demolition type induction circle) installation convenient: connection power, induction circle and access pipes can using; volume small, and weight light, and Very easy to use operation is simple: a few minutes to learn to start faster: water after power up to start heating with less power than about vintage vacuum tube high frequency equipment energy-saving 70%, workpieces as small as power consumption is as small as well.