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Low Frequency Transformer Need To Pay Attention To The Use Of The Problem

Jul 27, 2017

Low Frequency Transformer Need to pay attention to the use of the problem

Low-frequency transformers do not pay attention to problems in the event of a problem

With the continuous advancement of China's power construction projects, the market in the construction of substation equipment in the rapid construction of low-frequency transformers is one of the best in the rapid application of equipment to bring convenience to people at the same time, we also need to strengthen the use of the equipment Knowledge, the following we use the next need to pay attention to the problem.

There is a parameter in the equipment for the best DCR, in use, this component temperature can not be too high, the components of the wire is relatively small, so the temperature of this place can not be too high, otherwise it will affect the function of this part, of course, caused the local temperature is too high Not only for this reason, such as the product is too small or the material is not good. So in the choice and use of the time to pay attention to this problem.

Some equipment in the use of a period of time, we found in the data, the loss of the device is a bit high, the reason for this situation may be due to the steel is not installed, so in order to avoid this problem in the selection of time to pay attention, or Xuantong Relatively thin silicon steel sheet. Sometimes use will appear HI-POT poor operation. The reason for this situation is due to the gap bridge short circuit, or the wire winding gap is too small, there may be covered with insulation tape is not in place, etc., when the low-frequency transformer when we can solve the problem. Low-frequency transformers can also achieve impedance matching between the circuit, the DC has a role in isolation. It is divided into inter-stage coupling transformer, input transformer and output transformer integrated forming inductance, Rao line inductance, shape are similar in the power transformer. The same time as

1. The inter-pole coupling transformer inter-stage coupling transformer is used as a coupling element between the two-stage audio inductor, the inductor, the inductance, the inductance and the electronic news frequency amplifying circuit, and transmits the output signal of the preamplifier circuit to the latter Level, and make the appropriate impedance transformation. The same time as

2. Input Transformers In earlier semiconductor radios, audio transformers used in inductors, inductors, inductors, inductors, electronic news promotion levels and power amplifiers were used as input transformers, with signal coupling, transmission, also known as Push the transformer. The same time as

The input transformer has a single-ended input and push-pull input. If the push circuit is a single-ended circuit, the input transformer is also a single-ended input transformer; if the push circuit is a push-pull circuit, the input transformer is also a push-pull input transformer. The same time as

3. Output transformer output transformer connected to the power amplifier output circuit and the speaker, mainly from the signal transmission and impedance matching role.

Inductance coil is an important part of transformers and other electronic equipment, its performance is related to the level of the entire product quality, so the inductance coil manufacturers in the production of HC more to detect the product performance index, the following we introduce the Four factors that affect the performance of this type of product.

1. The amount of inductance, said the inherent characteristics of the coil itself, regardless of the size of the current. In addition to the special inductance coil, the inductance is generally not specifically marked on the coil, and marked with a specific name. The inductance, also known as the self-inductance, is a physical quantity that represents the inductor's ability to generate self-inductance. Inductor inductance of the size, mainly depends on the coil turns, winding way, with or without core and core materials. Usually, the more the number of coils, the more dense wound coil, the greater the amount of inductance

2. inductance, inductance coil on the AC current hinder the size of the role.