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Low Frequency Transformer Predictability

Oct 10, 2017

Low Frequency Transformer Predictability

According to the experience of low-frequency transformer management and operation department, low-frequency transformer in the run before lO years, especially in the first three years of operation, the highest failure rate.

According to the US power sector operating experience, for the 765kV EHV low-frequency transformer, the initial failure rate is very high. There are many failures that occur during the first few days of the run, even in just a few hours or even tens of minutes. Therefore, we must pay attention to and strengthen the early operation of low-frequency transformer operation and maintenance.

Although the cost of repair and replacement of parts at the initial stage of operation, the cost of these costs is valuable for the timely or early detection of defects that avoid serious consequences.

Practice has proved that a good maintenance program can make low-frequency transformer life extension. So the economic significance of the development of maintenance procedures is to extend the life of low-frequency transformer.

2, low-frequency transformer maintenance strategy

Low-frequency transformer maintenance strategy generally has three kinds: predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, state maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is the use of automatic alarm diagnostic devices to monitor low-frequency transformers. Predictive maintenance requires the means and means of state analysis. For example, the low-frequency transformer oil performance indicators analysis, infrared detection, low-frequency transformer to do the appearance of inspection, oil dissolved gas analysis.

Preventive maintenance is a cyclical, phased maintenance strategy. It includes planned maintenance, for example, on a variety of low-frequency transformers on a variety of tests, according to the program on the low-frequency transformer charged test and on-line monitoring. Preventive maintenance is a maintenance carried out by the manufacturer after the state analysis.

State maintenance is for the maintenance of low-frequency transformers in question. It requires detailed analysis, inspection, repair or replacement of Satons low-frequency transformers that require replacement parts for maintenance.

In the process of power transmission, three-phase isolation low-frequency transformer is an indispensable part, it is mainly used for power systems, industrial and mining enterprises of the power load requirements and power grid electrical isolation of the power supply, the city of electricity as magnetic Precision measurement test system purification (anti - interference) power and power grid isolation equipment.

China's power industry after years of development and improvement, has gradually narrowed the gap with the developed countries. China's huge market has also attracted a number of well-known multinational companies to invest in China. China's power industry also seize the opportunity to make their own design capabilities, production capacity, service levels have been considerable progress and development. Three-phase isolation low-frequency transformers are also in this period to get a wide range of promotion and application. In the future, three-phase isolation of low-frequency transformers in all aspects of performance will be further enhanced.

One, more green

Environmental protection is the trend, with the energy shortage and environmental pollution intensified, the major manufacturers have the next step in the development goals locked in the energy conservation and environmental protection. Three-phase isolation low-frequency transformers are also the same, energy conservation and environmental protection is the eternal subject. How to make the product lower loss, higher energy efficiency, lower noise, less use of renewable materials and other issues are worth further research and exploration. New materials, new technology development and introduction will make the future three-phase isolation low-frequency transformer more energy-saving, more quiet operation.