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Low Frequency Transformer Working Characteristics

Sep 15, 2017

Low Frequency Transformer Working characteristics

Energy saving There are four options to choose from: reduce no-load loss, reduce load loss, reduce other components, use the working characteristics of the work machine to reduce losses.

First, reduce the no-load loss

(1) the use of excellent performance of silicon steel sheet or amorphous alloy sheet and ladder joints.

(2) to improve the core structure and process, reduce the process coefficient.

(3) does not stack the iron yoke, silicon steel sheet does not paint treatment, shear glitch control in the 0.02mm look.

Second, reduce the load loss

(1) the use of electrolytic copper than the high conductivity of oxygen-free copper rod drawn wire, improve the conductivity coefficient.

(2) appropriate to reduce the current density, improve the insulation structure, the use of semi-oil, prefabricated insulation, winding complete transposition, winding overall package, self-adhesive wire, self-adhesive paper, reduce the insulation volume, improve winding fill factor, Size, with optimized design.

Third, reduce the loss of other components

(1) to improve the core structure, the design of the control winding leakage flux, adjust the ampere-turn balance, in order to reduce the fuel tank and other parts of the stray loss.

(2) with corrugated fuel tank, chip heat sink, heat pipe instead of tube radiator, with a new type of structural radiator instead of the old radiator, improve thermal efficiency.

(3) the use of reinforced plastic fans, improve efficiency and reduce noise.

(4) the use of magnetic shielding or electrical shielding to reduce the loss of fuel tank, the use of non-magnetic materials as a binder or magnetic separator to reduce stray losses.

Fourth, the use of work mechanical work characteristics to reduce losses

If the capacity changes with the size of the transformer load to eliminate or reduce the "big horse car" phenomenon, can reduce the loss. Due to changes in load, so that the voltage of working machinery fluctuated, many times the mechanical out of the efficient work area. If the voltage is adjusted as the load changes, so that the work machine is always kept in the vicinity of the highest efficiency, try to keep the three-phase current balance, eliminate or reduce the harmonic, can reduce energy consumption.

In accordance with the above four measures can be produced through the improvement of materials, parts structure, working principle and the use of other methods to save a total of four more than 20 kinds of transformer products. Such as the combination of measures, energy saving will be more.