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Power Adapter Development Trend

Sep 15, 2017

Power Adapter development trend

Power adapter development trend

Power adapter first appeared in the mid-80s of last century, Japan's first Toshiba switching power technology used in notebook external power supply, its pioneering work to create a new generation of power adapter development history, has become the world's first independent Notebook power adapter, because the use of switching power supply technology outside the power so the notebook does not need to take into account the power conversion generated by the heat gathered in the notebook itself, and the power adapter easy to carry, and for it to effectively improve the commercialization of the notebook And popularization.

At present, the high frequency of power adapter has become the direction of its development, high frequency of switching power supply miniaturization, and power adapter into a wider range of applications, especially in high-tech applications, to promote the high-tech products Miniaturization, lightness. The development and application of power adapters are of great importance in conserving energy, conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Power adapters are widely used in consumer electronics products, providing most of the output power of less than 100 watts, and the market demand is growing rapidly. Such as electric bicycle battery chargers, small size LCD TVs, laptops, printers, DVD players and set-top boxes have applications. Most of the early power adapters used linear transformers. As consumer electronics had a high efficiency, wide input voltage range, and increased copper, iron and labor costs, the original linear transformers in these power adapters were mostly Replaced by switching power supply.

Adapter is a commonly used power conversion equipment, widely used in electronic communications equipment, notebook computers, game consoles and other electronic products and information equipment, a wide range of power adapter, AC / AC and AC / DC power converters, chargers and other products.

    China's line stage of the power adapter manufacturers are still small businesses, and even there are some hand-workshop-style underground processing plants, the production of these products, the quality of the product is worrying in recent years, the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Information Industry Organizational supervision and spot checks, the enterprise pass rate of less than 80%, mainly the following quality problems.

    1. The product mark is not complete or not standardized

    The mark should contain the basic information that guides the user to the proper installation and use of the information, and correctly identifies the product's mark to ensure the safety of the user's personal property.