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Power Adapter Mainly To Adjust

Sep 26, 2017

Power Adapter Mainly to adjust

Power adapter in the life of a very wide range of people, from the 80's regulator to the laptop nowadays the charger can be called a power adapter, with the technology developed, and now the power adapter is getting smaller and smaller, its Can provide the function has not changed, here to introduce the power adapter can achieve the five core functions.

Before the introduction of the need to clear the principle of power adapter, and switching power supply is not much difference, mainly to adjust the input and output voltage and filter to impurity and the application of equipment, I will also here through the notebook's power adapter for everyone to make a brief Function description, the first is to adjust the input and output voltage, laptop power adapter can be applied to the voltage range of 100V-240V, that is, no matter where you are, the laptop can be plug and play, do not need power converter , Followed by the output voltage is in accordance with the size of the notebook and the capacity of the request, the general will choose the number of security to dozens of security are not equal, but the specification or in accordance with the screen the greater the power consumption of the more; second power adapter will stabilize the current and filter Impurities, generally due to the different wavelengths and power intensity, will cause a certain voltage instability or voltage clutter more problems, the power adapter is to locate it 50-60HZ, to a certain extent, limit the size of the current to the computer More stable power; the third is to protect the computer components, if there is no electricity Adapter, notebook directly into the socket will be used to burn the original and the battery, the main reason is the load and other issues, and power supply is the current control in the notebook power load required to ensure that the normal use of the process Not because of the power load to bring security risks; fourth to protect the battery, the input voltage for the shunt and regulation, for the current impurities and clutter filter, give the battery stable voltage power, for the sudden power battery voltage Of the irrigation and other issues can also be carried down, and further to ensure the life of its battery.

In the course of use, the power adapter will also be the default current to the use of the machine and the battery charge, the battery is filled with the charge current control device to send signals to the adapter to form a power outage, which is one of its power adapter function; Finally, the power adapter can also help the laptop to cool down, not because of sudden power failure or other problems formed by the security incident, the voltage provided for the regulator can also be more convenient for notebook computers. These five features are power adapter to achieve, if only through the direct input of the way the power supply, the laptop can not be used normally.