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Power Adapter Power Adapter Use Precautions

Jul 13, 2017

Power Adapter Power adapter use precautions

Power adapter use precautions

  Now there are many places where life need to use the charge, such as: the phone to charge, the heater to charge, MP3 to charge, and even the car to charge, power adapter as an important component of electronic equipment, people often use Ignore the protection of it, then the power adapter in the daily use of what matters need attention? The following power adapter manufacturers will share the power adapter for the use of Note:

  1, the use of power adapter, should pay attention to avoid the damp environment. The role of the power adapter is the household power of 220 volts DC into DC, so must not be placed in a humid environment. Whether you put the power adapter on the table or on the ground, be careful not to place a cup or a wet thing around it.

  2, the power adapter needs to clean up the dust, and gently, to prevent the collision, the power adapter is a large heat and need a good heat of the electrical appliances. But because of their own design, many power adapter cooling poor.

  3, do not put the charger on the high temperature of the place, high temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the charger, so that some plastic parts deformation or melting. Do not store the charger in a subcooled place. When the charger is working in a subcooled environment, when the internal temperature rises, the charger will form moisture and destroy the circuit board.

  4, power adapter cleaning when the static, we need to regularly clean the power adapter charging interface. In the clean, use a damp cloth, or the best preparation of a good quality anti-static cloth. Remember not to use dry cloth! In order to safely use a single-phase variable frequency power supply for a long time, in the use of the process, the operator should be single-phase variable frequency power supply for regular maintenance. The following industrial power Xiaobian for everyone to introduce:

  In the normal use of environmental conditions (ambient temperature, ventilation conditions, power time) of the daily inspection and regular maintenance requirements.

  Once a month to clean single-phase variable frequency power supply air filter cooling air duct and internal dust.

  If the conditions permit, use the oscilloscope to measure the switching power supply output voltage stability of each road to measure the drive circuit waveform of the square wave is distorted.

  Confirm the correctness of the control voltage, and perform the sequence protection action test; confirm that the protection display circuit has no abnormality; confirm the balance of the output voltage of the variable frequency power supply in the separate operation.

Electric car charger general precautions

Electric car charger performance is directly related to the charging effect, related to battery life, related to the use of vehicle safety. First, the conventional test charger performance is good or bad way: 48V charger, for example, the general maximum voltage is not greater than 59.6V, greater than this voltage, charging may not turn the lights; normal low voltage of not less than 55V, low In this voltage will cause insufficient charge, a long time so easy to battery loss. Current, or 48V20A charger, for example, the maximum current is not greater than 3A, greater than 3A may cause the battery to lose water earlier, the minimum not less than 2.1A, below this current will cause insufficient charge.