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Power Adapter The Power Adapter Uses The Safety Instructions

Jul 27, 2017

Power Adapter The power adapter uses the safety instructions

The power adapter uses the safety instructions

When using the power adapter, note the following:

1. Select the appropriate power adapter type and dimensions according to the method of use or the equipment reserve space. Such as wall-mounted, desktop, convertible head multi-plug-type switching power adapter;

2. According to the input voltage and a variety of output voltage, current to find the appropriate specifications;

3. Whether there is a common relationship between the use of electricity ports, if the relationship is a total of power requirements have special requirements;

4. When the output is multiplexed, the main circuit voltage is determined according to the load characteristics (resistivity, capacitive, inductive) and power variation range. Generally to the output current, high voltage accuracy of the main circuit;

5. Clear ripple noise, voltage stability, load stability and other indicators;

6. According to the actual use of the environment temperature, humidity, vibration and other requirements; select a reasonable price ratio of the product level;

7. If the specifications in this manual do not meet your requirements, please submit a more detailed technical requirements to meet your actual needs;

Section Yulong Electronics provides power adapter with advanced circuit devices and processes, after careful thermal design and structural optimization, to become an excellent module device. As a result of our power supply category, series, specifications and quantity more, its functional characteristics and physical characteristics are different, so the installation, use, maintenance has many special considerations, especially as follows:

1. Before using the product must first read the product description and use instructions, see the wiring mark to confirm the input voltage and product nameplate is consistent

2. When wiring, please cut off the input power; the power of the larger power output of its terminal has a number of terminals, and the internal connection of the terminal (equivalent to a power supply), should be evenly connected to the load;

3. High-power power Note that the use of space is sufficient to facilitate heat, extend power life.

4. Check the wiring on each terminal before confirming the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and multi-phase, positive and negative, voltage and current values. Put an end to the wrong, then the occurrence of the wrong phenomenon;

5. Current meter measured current value is the average current value, the user is best to use the oscilloscope plus a precision resistance (selected wattage) measured peak current, the peak current is best not to overload.

6. Power output power depends mainly on the original power devices, in order to meet customer requirements, manufacturers to the power of each group to leave some margin;

7. Power adapter products in the event of failure, should be the fastest way to inform the company, and that the phenomenon of power damage, easy to find the reasons for the company. The company will, as the case may be, be repaired or replaced;

8. Frequent switching of the power adapter will affect its life;