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Switching Adaptor Overheat Protection Type

Jun 21, 2017

Switching Adaptor Overheat protection type

In fact, the product on the one hand is to improve life on the one hand, it is to see you buy the actual quality of the product, the other is to see how you care and maintenance is how. For example, the same is a brand of cars, we are buying an imported car, but some people in the car after using for more than a decade, the performance is still very good, some people use the vehicle is five years later to be scrapped. This is actually a maintenance problem, we are in the circuit of many components is the case, such as switching power adapter and the composition of the entire control circuit, then you are well maintained, no acid rain and dust into the circuit system, then you You can see in the service life will be much longer.

In some sites to use the electronic control system, even the most basic protection devices are not, you will see in the specific use of the existence of a lot of failure. Can be said that regular use will bring us trouble, in terms of service life will be greatly reduced. And we use these switching power adapter, the more is recommended that you try to choose a better quality brand products, but no matter how good the product, if you do not understand the maintenance is no good Many people will use imported cars for several years can become a tractor, in addition to the speaker does not ring the other places are abnormal, this person is very easy to spoil things people.

Then we are in the maintenance of the circuit system need to pay attention to what elements, on the one hand is to ask everyone to pay attention to the importance of every link inside. For example, in the circuit where we installed the switching power adapter, it is best to have a protective device. And in the industry are generally more standardized, there will be an electronic control box, these life will be longer. The key is a lot of projects, such as the use of these products will have the construction of protective measures is not a comprehensive phenomenon, and ultimately it is easy to cause the equipment straight to that problem.

The types of overheat protection for power adapters can be classified into the following categories: automatic reset, manual reset, non-updateable, non-resetting, and other types that provide equivalent overheat protection.

Power adapter heat source is mainly Schottky rectifier diodes, high-frequency switching transformers, power MOS tube, filter electrolytic capacitors, including power MOS tube, high-frequency transformers and rectifier Schottky diode temperature is more prominent. In order to prevent the power adapter due to overheating damage, the design of the power adapter not only requires the use of high temperature characteristics of good electronic components, while requiring printed PCB board, heat sink, high-frequency transformers and other reasonable design, advanced production technology and the need for overheating protection Measures, these are in order to ensure the safety must have the conditions.